Gasteiner Wanderbuch
Silvia Schmid
Wanderführer der OeAV-Sektionen Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein und Dorfgastein
Hiking guide of the Austrian Alpine Assoc. chapters in Gastein
Hohe Tauern
Österreichischer Alpenverein

The Gastein hiking pin

35 years ago, the Gastein physician, Dr. Hermann Greinwald, together with the OeAV Branch Bad Gastein, “invented“ the  Hiking Book and "Wandernadel" (hiking pin). The action was later extended to the entire Gastein valley and adopted by many other places.

altes Gasteiner Wanderbuch
altes Gasteiner Wanderbuch

Without the lovingly crafted, green “Gasteiner diary“ with a red backpack and hut on the Cover, barely any adults, and certainly no a children went to hike. The walking pins are still extremely popular with guests and Locals. Only the “Wandermank“, the little fabric marmot, which used to be the big incentive for small Hikers, has now been retired.  

In July 2013 the newly released Gastein guide should help to ensure that this beautiful Tradition, which always attempts to gather new targets,  remains popular in the future. And, although the terms “Stamp“, “walking pin“ and “Gipfelkranz“ sound suspiciously old-fashioned in the era of Smartphone and GPS, Geocaching and Climbing gym ...

Getting a hiking pin may be exhausting, but it is very simple:

Stamp each Tour with the Wanderstempel on the designated pages in the diary or in your Hiking pass at the tourist offices. If you have enough points collected, you can select the appropriate walking pin in the tourist office to purchase. In the overview and the tours you can see how many points you get for a goal. The validity of the points is unlimited, so you can collect over the years.

The proceeds, by the way,help  the Alpenvereinssektionen of the Gastein valley with their expensive, complex and responsible tasks.


Fairness is a matter of honor!

We are convinced that Fairness for you is a matter of honor and the only rule for the acquisition of the walking pin is to  comply with the following: That all the targets, for the points you claim, have been achieved through your own hard work.For  summits without a stamp, we trust your word, possibly backed up by a picture or the statement of another hiker.
Certainly, cheating is easy, but it spoils the honest joy of achieving the award right? Wait maybe even only a season, probably then you will actually make, and can even be more proud of your honestly acquired Gastein walking pin!




 Stempler aufgepasst!

Bitte verschließen Sie die Stempelkassetten stets wieder sorgfältig, damit kein Wasser eindringen kann. Sollten Sie feststellen, dass ein Wanderstempel oder das Stempelkissen beschädigt sind oder ganz fehlen, senden Sie uns bitte ein kurzes Email an oder verständigen Sie eine der Tourist-Informationen des Gasteinertals.
Herzlichen Dank!



Hiking pins overview

Brozene Wandernadel   Silberne Wandernadel   Goldene Wandernadel   Große goldene Wandernadel   Tauerngoldnadel
Bronzene Wandernadel
50 Points
  Silberne Wandernadel
100 Points
  Goldene Wandernadel
150 Points
  Gr. goldene Wandernadel
300 Points
600 Points
1000 Punkte Nadel   Gasteiner Alpenkranz   Silberne Alpinnadel   Goldene Alpinnadel   Gasteiner Gipfelkranz
 1000 Punkte Nadel
1000 Points
   Gasteiner Alpenkranz
2000 Points
alle Übergänge
   Silberne Alpinnadel
20 Alpinpoints
   Goldene Alpinnadel
alle Alpinziele
   Gasteiner Gipelkranz
alle 55 Gasteiner Gipfel